Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers of 2022: Reviews & Top Rated

Best cold brew coffee makers is rapidly becoming popular and it’s simple to see why. It is easy to make and brings less acidity than frequently brewed café. Moreover, there is a wide range of formulas which you might make with it. The cold brewing café even comes up with a better taste from the beans which hot water extraction could not match. For people with a hectic schedule, cold brew café is fabulous since they support long life. While brewing, you could store it in the fridge for ten days.

Although the process of making it straightforward, a great cold brew café maker is built to make it simple for users. There are a lot of options out there, even though attempting to discover the ideal one might be tough. Fortunately, we have finished the tough task for you. We have reviewed the top best cold brew coffee makers, so you might seek the best one for you. If you are available to ditch your Starbucks iced café preference or create the cold brew at the house, scan on for our products below.

Buying guide Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Main attributes of the best cold brew coffee makers

Keep in mind to make the mind cool when selecting the best cold brew coffee makers. Here are the key attributes of the ideal cold brew café makers you might care about quickly.


The cold café makers are often produced from glass or plastic. Even though other clients enjoy a glass, most plastic brewers are derived from BPA-free or various certified safe plastics. The glass jars are the hardest glass containers available at this time, as various glass jars might usually crack if you are not careful.


For the most component, producing a cold brew is to fill the filter or add water. There is some motorized equipment on the current market to boost up the brewing times or easy mechanisms for regulating the water’s amount poured. The cold brew café makers are good for keeping aroma, and café for a long time.


The standard brewers will hold around one liter or 34oz for liquid. However, thanks to the filter, it can make less than one liter of cold phase concentrate. Various common sizes are around 50 oz with a big size being masonry. Ensure you get the space in the fridge, and even examine the diameter or stand’s height if you want to put it into the fridge door.


If you are purchasing the cheap jar, you will have to measure the grounds, and put it into the filter bag. There are a lot of café bags’ kinds or socks, most of them can be reusable. The benefit of the integrated filter is that you do not worry about the proportion measurements and it’s less cluttered. It is great to select a leading quality brewer, the superfine filter, or the double filter system. Otherwise, you can pay more to make the café via the drip filter.

Timer setting

The drip café maker brings a programmable timer, ideal for drinking café on a hectic schedule. You can fill the carafe and filter with café grounds the night before, set the timer around six minutes before you need to make café and you will get a hot pot of café waiting for you. The café pots without that attribute might even be pre-set to spend less time, but you should press the physical button to begin the brewing process.


Other glass containers are derived from boro-silicate glass so that they might simply move into the dishwasher. When it comes to plastic items and filters with plastic components, it is convenient to clean by hand. The filter might stain over time, and oil could clog some tiny pores so that you will need the vinegar for quick cleaning.

Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers reviews

1. ovalware RJ3 cold brew coffee maker

If you are not one to enjoy various cups of café for a day, you might surely make the most of this coffee machine that is fabulous for storing the homemade cold brew for some days. This cheap product contains a glass carafe and alloy steel filter which might assist you in producing a better café each time.

Next, the Ovalware RJ3 can hold up to four café cups, thanks to the airtight seal. In the other words, it can make the java fresh within double weeks. The maker’s steel filter is derived from mesh, and both pieces are dishwasher safe for convenient cleanup. As soon as checking the café maker, the reviewer claimed that the item was super simple to use and meets ultimately in any refrigerator, making it particularly adaptable to the kitchen.

Based on the clients, the machine’s drawback is that fine particles of café usually seep via the filter in the cold brew. However, other individuals claim those particles sink to the bottom, as long as you are cautious pouring, they will not take into the cup.


  • The design is pretty and sleek.
  • It offers a tasty cold brew.
  • It is simple to use.


  • The lid can come off.
  • Other grounds seep into the cold brew.

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2. Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker, One Quart, Black

If you need to produce the cold brew coffee on the move, this brewer might go with you somewhere. It can make four cups of café and brings an airtight so that you might get it along without caring about the spillage.

The container is produced from BPA-free plastic which will not shatter, and all components are dishwasher safe. For home usage, the container might be sized to meet all fridge doors. Next, brewing might be finished overnight, or make the grounds steep until 30 hours into the fridge. As it is a huge container, it could not double as the go-to mug, but it is good if you want to share the cold brew.

This Takeya Patented Deluxe coffee maker does arrive with some disadvantages. Our client claimed that the item is “priced well, but it does not provide any additional attributes which make it stand out from its rivals”. When the item is simple to bring on camping excursions, its shortage of flexibility and “plain” flavor makes it a good movable choice than the basic source of home cold brew.


  • The lid can avoid leakage, compared to oxo cold brew coffee maker.
  • It is straightforward to use and hygiene.
  • The manual instruction is simple.


  • This coffee maker could not provide a strong taste.

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3. Bean Envy Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold brewing is a process that often gets eight hours or more, but the item can take a fast cold brew system that pumps cold water via the grounds and completes it right away. Moreover, it might be used to make a cup of available-to-drink cold brew, or it might create the café flavor you might add to the hot water, or take in baking formulas that call for the strong café or espresso.

Apart from it, it is easy to use. You can add the café to the basket, and water to the carafe. Besides, switch the dial to set the time, and push the button as well. While brewing time is running, there is a cold brew café in the carafe which is available to take or refrigerate late. The removable components of Bean Envy coffee maker are particularly dishwasher safe.


  • You can find it easy to use.
  • It offers huge capacity.
  • The café strength is customizable.


  • It can mix with other flavors.

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4. KitchenAid KCM4212SX Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Need to make a huge batch of cold brew for the next party? Then you will grab this version that might hold up to 14 cups of café and brings a handy tap for pouring.

The great cold brew coffee maker is manufactured from alloy steel and glass for the complex design. Straightforwardly, put café and water into the maker, then put the entire thing into the refrigerator to steep. When you are available to serve, you might press the tap to dispense the better amount of café into the cup. As it is a huge brewer, the alloy steel steeper consists of measurement benchmarks in case you need to make some servings.

Some customers claim that this KitchenAid KCM4212SX coffee maker creates a better café and is ideal for when you are getting the guests over. When that maker is pricey than a lot of comparable machines, it’s worth the cost if you enjoy the café or regularly host parties.


  • It is available in various sizes.
  • The lifespan of this machine is long.
  • It provides a better handle for portability.


  • It is quite pricey.
  • It is prone to leaking.

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5. GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker, 50 oz, Black Chrome

The final cold brew coffee maker on our list is GrowlerWerks Ukeg Nitro. On the other hand, you can make the foamy Nitro cold brew at your lovely house in unique style with the top-notch café maker from this brand. The uKeg Nitro is considered as the initial built-in cold brew café maker and dispenser for at-home experience with Nitro.

What is impressive about this ultimate investment is the Nitrolap high tech which can dispense a full cascading pour for the creamy structure. Built with dual wall 18/8 alloy steel, and the vacuum insulation might make the brew cold for some days. Last but not least, it is simple to use and worth purchasing as soon as possible.


  • The brew is cold all day, compared to the best nitro coffee maker.
  • The dual filtration system avoids clogs.
  • It brings a great experience to your lovely home.


  • The price is quite high.
  • Some nitro chargers can be sold separately.

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1. Is cold café less acidic than others?

Sure, the cold brew café with brewers is less acidic than others, whether it is traditional iced or drip café. As cold brewing is completed using cold water rather than hot water, the beans will not secrete the similar amount of oil they might secrete if they were brewed at high temperatures. It shows cold beer is a leading choice for people searching for the caffeinated drink which is gentle on the tummy. One final fast hint is the dark roasted café beans bring less acid than lightly roasted café beans so that you can try those out if you need less acid in the cold brew.

2. Is the coffee maker simple to maintain?

Even though maintenance guides change from version to version, the ideal cold brew café makers are quite convenient to use and hygiene than various kinds of dispensers. A lot of dishwashers are not better or safe, but you will not endure the tough descaling process. However, other incubators might get small components that want to be eliminated and cleaned separately from hand, particularly if something has overhead the machine’s spouts. Cleaning is even affected by the usage of the chiller metal. The filter might be splashed out after mixing, but might usually spill dirt on the countertops. The dishwasher might particularly be loaded into the cold brew makers, but rinsed after every use.

3. How long could you store it in the fridge?

It might be claimed that it is among the realistic advantages of cold brew café. Of course, it might take some minutes to prepare the fresh batch, but once done might refrigerate and store somewhere until double weeks. On the other hand, you ensure to refrigerate in the morning to keep fresh and energized with the caffeine infusion. Is there a great tip to begin your day off with a scrumptious, decaffeinated café for your step?

4. How to make the cold brew café with this coffee maker?

Other formulas that are seen to be involved in the cold brew café machines claim to stir or shake it. In this case, let every batch soak within 12 hours at room temperature or 24 hours into the fridge. We highly recommend you store it in the fridge though a lot of specialists suggest it at room temperature. Either way, when it’s completed, get the residue out of the jar as well. You might need to dilute it with milk or water when you use it. If you do not love the flavor, tweak techniques mildly or take various café grounds or beans.

5. How long can cold brew café last?

Based on our experience, if it is refrigerated, it can last until double weeks, even though the flavor can break after a week, or so. Whether you see the distinction or not is up to the flavor. If you have added water, it might shorten the shell life, so attempt to make room for water after you have filled the glass.

Closing Ideas

The ideal cold brew coffee makers are wonderful for people who could not tolerate café acidity. In truth, by extracting café with cold water, other oils and fatty acids present in café will be prevented and dissolved at high temps. Last but not least, we hope that you can grab the best cold brew coffee makers after reading this post.

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