Best Smart TVs For Google Home 2022 Reviews & Top Picks

Televisions are becoming huge and smarter each day. However, the line’s top smart TVs take either Google home or integrated Google Assistant, so you might track and control them by your own voice. Thanks to Google home voice management for your smart TV, you do not need a remote control to manage the TV, and you might control it with your voice. On the other hand, let Google Home know what you want the TV to do and the TV can do it for you as well. Based on Google Home voice management, you might switch on or off the television, look for a better program and manage the volume.

In nutshell, this post will show you the best smart TVs for Google Home and instruct you how to pick out the ideal one on the current market.

Best Smart TVs For Google Home Buying Tips

What are the advantages of obtaining the best smart TVs for Google Home?

The best smart TVs for Google Home might connect directly to the internet and bring a pretty variety of integrated streaming applications like Hulu, Netflix, and different applications such as various games, and Google Home.

When it comes to Google Home, you can control the TV with a wide range of commands. All you need to do is to take the device by its wake feature.

For instance, all you need to do is claim loudly “Alexa” or for Google Home “Hi, Google” and then you can do various attributes like switching on and off the television, adjusting volume, and a lot of different functions.

Refresh rate

Refresh rates are shown in Hz. In the other words, it brings how smoothly the television might move from frame to fps (frame per second). Sure, the higher the fps, the smoother appearance it can provide your eyes.

At the same time, the ideal refresh rate for TVs is around 120Hz. However, 60Hz is even quite smooth for films and videos with better and unnoticeable distinctions.

Warning: The 120Hz is the bonus if you are fine with taking a little for it, or if you are enjoying the games and are searching for the edge over the competition.


You need to ensure you get the proper amount of ports, HDMI is the existing standard port, and bringing 3 to 4 ports is a bit pretty amount. If you are investing in taking the soundbar, then you need the HDMI-ARC.

In short, smart televisions are currently quite efficient and you can connect to the various speakers through Bluetooth.


There are currently new models of LED like the QLED that is the enhanced model which permits for a lot of colors to be shown and thus making a huge color contrast. OLED is the QLED’s rebel and provides you with great viewing angles, good black levels, and perfect contrast.

It shows that you can realize the scenes with fabulous vibrance and livelihood. OLED even assists in offering slimy television panels.

Note: In general, OLED is the leading option after QLED and LED come last.

Best Smart TVs For Google Home 2022

1. Skyworth S3G 32-Inch 720P HD Smart LED TV

The first version that we would like to refer to you is Skyworth S3G. In the other words, the Google Assistant integrated and operates with Alexa might simply use the voice to manage the smart home such as binge TV films, run apps, and play music.

Moreover, you can download the Chromecast-activated applications to the laptop and love the free-range. Also, this smart TV provides high display image quality with stunning images.

When it comes to the integrated Chromecast, the contents from cell phones, tablets, or sites might even be displayed on the huge television screen via the Chromecast. In the other words, you might share a wide range of attractive content with buddies.


– The image quality is great.

– It offers the Dolby audio

– There are a lot of entertainments for you to choose from.

– The setup is quite simple.


– TV legs are quite flimsy.

2. TCL 4K Smart LED TV, 50″

The LED with cutting edge technology can convey effective brightness and huge color volume. As for easy voice control, it can operate with Alexa or Google Assistant to assist you in looking for film titles, run or alter channels. In addition to that, it is even available via the Roku mobile application.

The Roku smart TV platform offers access to millions of streaming channels. Next, the game mode can be engaged quickly and automatically for better action and the perfect image settings for gaming.

As for HDMI inputs, it can connect the better devices via the HDMI inputs which consist of eARC to simply sync audio and video sources. Last but not least, the TCL 4K Smart LED TV can transmit good quality sound.


– It is highly reasonable.

– It brings a particular gaming mode to optimize the performance.

– The warranty of smart tv google home lasts until 4 years.

– The low latency and response times can not make you disappointed.


– Some users complain about the LED.

3. LG 65SM9500PUA Alexa Smart LED NanoCell TV

The first impressive thing about this TV is the picture. On the other hand, the picture’s action or color can be optimized to the new life to normally improve the image quality via a 4K processor. Moreover, this LG 65SM9500PUA is the first to support either Alexa or Google Assistant by ThinQ Artificial Intelligent tech.

You can change the television into the powerhouse ultimate picture and sound techs guided by the cinema optimize image and sound for a spectacular. Besides, the ultra-vivid image or audio feel flows in you as well.

As for nano color, the vibrant color and crisp pictures can make an impressive thing from the design’s smaller intricacies.


– It can convey better fidelity with wireless audio.

– This LG tv google assistant can elevate the better sound when you are binging on movies.

– Users might cast effortlessly something from the laptop to this TV.

– It can operate well with Xbox one X.


– The television stand needs more improvements.

4. TCL 32S327 32-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV

Another version from the TCL brand is TCL 32S327. First of all, the voice control is simple. It can operate with Google Assistant to assist you in searching for blockbuster movies. The intelligent functionality can provide you with access to more than 5000 streaming channels displaying over 500,000 films and television episodes through Roku TV.

When it comes to the screen resolution, the full HD resolution is better with more impressive contrast and color. The direct-lit LED can make a perfect image quality with about a 60Hz refresh rate for quick-moving action scenery without blur.

There are a lot of inputs for you to select such as USB, RF, and optical audio. In short, we believe that you can enjoy this smart television and try all the way to purchase it as soon as possible.


– It offers good client assistance from TCL.

– It is easy to install

– You can activate the TV without spending a lot of bucks on your Roku account.


– Users claim about the sound quality.

5. LG 32LM570BPUA 32″ Class 720p Smart LED HD TV (2019)

The final product on our list is LG 32LM570BPUA smart LED TV. The quad-core processor conveys the beauty in each scenery. Users might find out each detail with better image customization. The active HDR can ensure the HD imagery or ensure the high-definition display.

On top of it, you can use the voice to do a lot of things. This LG television can operate with more gadgets that support the Google Assistant and integrated Alexa so that you might control the television settings by straightforwardly taking your own voice. However, you can not experience more games on this TV due to the low screen resolution.

Finally, this smart TV can meet your average requirements and be affordable to buy so far. It is simple to install if you understand the manual guide.


– The inputs are simplified.

– The price is reasonable.

– The image quality is good.


– You can not play the AAA games on this TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Samsung TVs operate with Google Home?

No. Samsung televisions will not bring integrated Google Home assistance. However, if you need to add the Google Home functionality to the Samsung TV, you might do so by buying the Google Chromecast gadget and trying to connect it to the television. It can offer you the whole Google Home and Google Assistant control for the TV just like it was integrated.
Besides, there is a wide range of state-of-the-art Samsung TVs which provide a better balance for size, the 65 inches range feels to take the better value or if you buy the previous version year TV with this brand you might particularly grab a great deal.

2. What Google Home gadget can I need for the television to operate with Google Assistant?

If the best tv for google home brings integrated Google Home capability any Google Home gadget will operate. However, we highly suggest taking the gadget without the screen for the voice management of the TV. The reason being is that if you get a gadget such as the Google Home Hub. While you require Google Home to play “The Office”, Google Home might lack interpretation because it brings a screen. In addition to this, it is able to play prime videos.
If you get the Google Home capable TV, we highly suggest the Google Home mini due to the inappropriate size.

3. Could I use Google Home like the television speaker?

Sure. By connecting the Google Home speakers to the television with Bluetooth, you will be capable of taking them like TV speakers. You might assign it to be the particular speaker playing, or you should get the speakers’ group installation to operate together to make the surround sound system.

4. Do all smart TVs operate with both Google Home and Alexa?

The answer is No. Other smart TVs out there are not compatible with both Google Home and Alexa so that it is great to test if the television is compatible before you purchase it. However, it is convenient to claim that the better smart TVs, particularly for the ones with famous brand names, bring this attribute integrated when it is popular with the newer versions.

5. Could I take Google Assist to switch on the smart TV?

Sure. It is feasible to take Google Assist and Alexa to switch on your television. The thumb’s rule is that if the smart TV is not from one of the traditional models, you might be capable of switching on the television by taking the wake function.
You can get to do the fiddling near the gadget, as every TV brings various manual and distinctive settings, but in the end, you can wake the television up quickly.

Wrapping It Up

Viewing something on the television is fabulous. However, experience unlimited interesting shows streaming, films and offer commands to the television while you take a rest with the bar of chocolate in the palm of your hands.

If you take the Google Home to connect the television for a while now, we want to hear about your experience in the comment box below. Last but not least, we hope that you can grab the best smart TVs for Google Home easily and quickly in the future.

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