10 Best Electric Fireplace Logs of 2023

Electric fireplace logs are the perfect way to enjoy a warm fire in your home. They’re easy to use and require no gas or oil to function, so you can save money and help protect the environment.

Top Electric Fireplace Logs List

Electric Fireplace Logs Reviews


TURBRO Eternal Flame EF23-LG Electric Fireplace Logs

The TURBRO Eternal Flame EF23-LG Electric Fireplace Logs, 23″ Remote Control Fireplace Insert Log Heater, Realistic Lemonwood Ember Bed, Thermostat, Timer, 1400W Black is the perfect way to heat up your space. With a heat up time of only 40 minutes (which is faster than traditional fireplace logs), this heater will get the job done quickly and efficiently.


TURBRO Eternal Flame 26-Inch Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Log Heater

The TURBRO Eternal Flame 26-Inch Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Log Heater is one of the top choices for those looking for a realistic pinewood log fire. The logs and flames are realistically created, giving the customer an excellent experience when using the heater. Additionally, the thermostat and timer can be controlled remotely, making this product an ideal choice for larger families or groups.


Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Heater Insert

The Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Heater Insert with Flame Projection 5,120 BTUs is perfect for use in cold weather. The insert projects a beautiful flame to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, while the five 120-BTU heaters ensure even heating. With its sturdy construction and easy installation, this heater is sure to keep you comfortable all winter long.


LegendFlame 23″ W Free Standing Electric Fireplace Log Set (EF290)

The LegendFlame 23″ W Free Standing Electric Fireplace Log Set (EF290) from stove top to fireplace is perfect for any home. This electric fireplace set comes with an insert, a Heater 750W 1500W, and crackling sound that will give your living space the feeling of warmth and Charm. Use the remote control to change the heat up or down on this fire set, making it perfect for any room in your house.


Napoleon Cineview 30 – NEFB30H – Built-in Electric Fireplace

The Napoleon Cineview 30 – NEFB30H is the perfect appliance for adding much-needed warmth to any living space. With its built-in electric fireplace, this appliance can provide a warm, cozy experience in any room. Additionally, the black glass front and glass crystal Ember Bed ensure that your home will look beautiful while you enjoy the televisions or movie night. Finally, the optional burnt oak logs can add an extra touch of class to your home.


VIVOHOME 110V Electric Fireplace Insert Log Quartz Realistic Ember Bed Fan Heater

The VIVOHOME 110V Electric fireplace insert log quartz fireplace fan heater is the perfect way to enjoy your cozy fireside fires. With an infrared remote controller, this electric fireplace fan heater can be controlled from anywhere in your home. Place your favorite logs on the fire, and relax with a cup of hot cocoa while enjoying the natural light show initiated by the Ember bed fan.


R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace Log Set Heater 21IN

The RW Flame Heater is perfect for any home. With an adjustable flame brightness, it allows you to customized your fire place experience. The realistic Ember Bed and built-in thermometer ensure that your Log Set Heater is truly the perfect addition to your home.


Dimplex Revillusion® 20″ Plug-In Log Set

Dimplex Revillusion 20″ Plug-In Log Set is a powerful, yet affordable, tool for LOG setters and graphic artists. The 5118 BTU plug-in log set delivers high quality images with clear details. The 120 Volt power supply means that this tool can be used without worry of any compatibility issues. The 1500 watt power will give you plenty of firepower to get the job done.


Pleasant Hearth Electric Log Insert

Pleasant Hearth Electric Log Insert with Removeable Fireback with Heater, Black offers many benefits over the traditional fireplace insert. This appliance is especially great for small spaces or apartments, where a traditional fireplace insert might not be possible or desirable. The fireback is removeable for easy cleaning and leaves less mess behind. Additionally, this product’s design makes it perfect for use in cold weather or a tall place, like a bedroom.


ROVSUN 23” Electric Fireplace Insert Log Set Heater w/ Remote Control

The ROVSUN 23 Electric Fireplace Insert Log Set Heater w Remote Control is perfect to add a touch of realism and warmth to your home. This fireplace insert set features an adjustable flame brightness, making it perfect for any room in your home. The CSA certified product also features a real-time fire effect Ember bed for an immersive experience. With 1400 watts of power, this heater is sure to get the job done.

What To Consider When Buying An Electric Fireplace Log Set

You can purchase electric fireplace log sets online in any size, form, and color, and they come with different features and designs as well. Whenever you purchase an electric fireplace log set, it s important that you take into consideration these:

  • Sets sold in the form of a log are usually measured in inches.
  • The style, specifically the lines, of the logs.
  • Heating capacity.
  • Options exist for changing the appearance of the flame.
  • Can the logs be plugged into a standard electrical outlet or must they be wired into an electric socket.


After choosing an electric fireplace log set, you ‘ll have to find out whether the set will fit in your established hearth. Knowing the measurements of the log set may help you select the right measurement for your existing fireplace. A large number of the electric fireplaces available will be made with varying sizes that you can select from.

Logs Looks And Style

Electric fireplace logs can be found in a multitude of styles and so take a look at our website to discover which ones are most appealing to you. Each type has a different design for logs and discs, you can even discover some models constructed in various varieties of fake logs.


Many electric fireplace log sets include a firebox heater that provides you with versatility when you have the option to add warmth to your house and watch the flames. Search for a set with both features to make sure you pick the right one.

There are also factors to consider, such as: Fireplace Tool Set, Fireplace Screen, and Hardwood Cracker Sound System.

Electric Fireplace Logs FAQs

Can you add fake logs to electric fireplace?

There is no way to add fake logs to an electric fireplace.

What are the disadvantages of an electric fireplace?

The disadvantages of an electric fireplace are that it is less efficient than a gas fireplace, it takes longer to heat up, and it can be more difficult to control the fire.

Do electric fireplaces waste a lot of electricity?

Electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity to heat up the room. In most cases, this energy is wasted in the form of heat.

What is the lifespan of an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces typically have a lifespan of around 10 years.

Do electric fireplaces really heat a room?

Electric fireplaces can heat a room quite effectively, but they are not always the best choice for heating a large room.


Electric fireplace logs are a great way to enjoy the natural warmth of a fireplace without having to go outside.

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