How to hang up a hammock without trees

Hammock camping is one of the most convenient and laid-back methods of camping. It is a super comfortable, easy to pitch, safe, and secure way of sleeping above the ground. Hammocks can be used for both pure camping and backpacking trips. If you are looking for an easy and comfortable way to enjoy a camping trip, then hammock camping is the perfect choice.

Hammock camping is often considered an extremely unique and relaxing way to spend an afternoon or evening. However, there are some key requirements that must be met for this type of camping to be successful. One of the most important things is to secure two stumps a few meters apart. This will help keep your gear stable and secure while you’re camping. But if there are no trees to hang on to the hammock, there are a few ways to enjoy camping in a hammock without any trees. One way is to use an inflatable rubber hammock. Another way is that you can make your own hammock from a variety of materials. It is important to make sure that the materials you use are strong and durable. If you don’t have any trees to hang your hammock on, you can try using a tree branch as a support.

In this article, I’ll outline several ways you can properly suspend your hammock where no suitable trees exist.

You can hang a hammock without trees using a thick beam framework made up of sticks to stand against trees. If that tree is available, you can fasten the other end of the hammock to your automobile. You can also use rocks to tie the hammock ends. Alternatively, you can purchase a hammock stand and set it up anywhere.

I’ll now elucidate each method in more detail so you can properly hang your hammock without worrying about trees.

Ways to hang a hammock when there are no trees for you

DIY tripod hammock stand

You almost certainly possess all you require to build a tripod hammock stand from a pole, so you could do it if you want to save money. You will likely just need to construct one tripod for the space of your ground. You can locate the right stick in the wood to construct your hammock stand, but make sure the stick allows you to comfortably hammock underneath your weight.

For making your DIY tripod hammock stand, choose logs that are 3 1/2 to 4 feet in diameter. Then, mark your establishment by measuring out 3 1/2 to 4-foot ropes and tying the knots on one end. Now put your tripod legs in the right place by setting up each foot with a six-inch rope. Afterward, distribute your tripods within your hammock if necessary.

Hang your hammock by connecting the two arms of a tripod together at their tops. Add a rain cover if the weather is unfavorable to make a night more comfortable.

Cars and Trucks

For car camping situations, pitching your hammock off of your automobile’s roof rack may be a more functional option. If you’re keen to try out this method, you will need to have a car with a roof rack as well as some tree straps. Tie the straps to the part of the roof rack where it attaches to your vehicle’s roof as this reduces the overall weight of your vehicle.

Pick your car as your anchoring point, then attach one end of your hammock to your roof rack and another to a secondary anchor point to complete your camping setup for the night.


For centuries, this has been a trusted means of making hammock ends last longer. Usually, look for a few sizeable boulders to hold either end of the hammock. You may uncover these stones while hiking, perhaps if you’re camping in regions of great cliffs or hills. The trick only functions if the hammock ends are placed in two rock ends.

Find a crack or hole deep and pointed enough to hold a large enough stick or a peg. Otherwise, attach the end of your hammock there with pegs or into the fold of a crevice.

Use a dog-turtle holder

This method is a great choice for people with minimal time and effort they want to waste, and they do not desire to use risk themselves or waste your money to get sagging hammock only with time and effort. These trees are durable and not very pricey, they cope with no less than 400 pounds of burden and are large enough to get the most relaxation one requires.


Hammock camping without trees is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about finding a spot with trees, poles, or anything you need. It’s more about how you make the most of your moment and enjoying every second. So go out and explore!

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