How to quiet a generator while camping

Electricity is a necessary evil when camping, but there are ways to make your generator quieter without sacrificing its performance. Several tips and tricks can be combined to make your generator quieter, making it an even more convenient option for the camping enthusiast.

How to make a generator quiet for camping

Use a muffler

You won’t be behind if you use a muffler in your generator in the first place. If not, you can purchase a muffler separately as an extra measure to reduce noise.

Add an insulation pad

Add an insulation pad between the generator and the floor to improve the sound’s level.

Use “silent” switches

Many generators come equipped with silent switches that reduce noise when they are not being used.

Shield the noise source

If possible, shield the noise source with a sound-absorbing material to decrease the noise.

Use a noise-dampening engine cover

Noise-dampening engine covers are available from manufacturers for many generators, and they cover your generator’s sounds to create a more comfortable environment.

Cover the exhaust pipe

Place a blanket over the exhaust port to stop noise if possible. If your exhaust port is open, use sound-absorbent material to cover it.

Place the generator on a rubber mat

Placing the generator on a rubber mat can help reduce noise and vibration.

Add foam around the edges of the generator

Killing any stray noises by adding foam around the edges of the generator will help.

Install waterproofing materials

Sound-dampening tape, such as that used around the generator, can be installed to make generated sounds less noisy.

Use a low-noise alternator

If possible, make use of a low-shredder alternator to attenuate sound levels of your generator.

Avoid running the generator at high speeds

Running the generator at high speeds will create more noise and is not needed.

Use a generator silencer

If you think your generator will be too loud, you may even purchase a generator silencer to further increase the level of noise control. Try to be as quiet as you can for other campers if you’re concerned about the noise level of your camping generator. You can further target your efforts by using these suggestions.


A portable generator is a great option for those who are looking for a quieter camping experience. By investing in one, you can reduce the noise level of your stay by up to 50%.

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