How To Set Up Fire TV Cube

When you reset a new Fire TV Cube or connect to a brand-new Fire TV Cube, you must connect the cube to your Amazon account before you can start streaming content from a number of included services. To access the services from additional sources, you can download third-party applications to your Fire TV Cube.

Follow the instructions here to set up a Fire TV Cube.

1. Locate a suitable location for your Fire TV Cube.

For the best results, place your Fire TV Cube at least 1 to 2 feet away from the nearest speaker, and in a position where it has an unobstructed line of sight to the television and any other devices you want to control via the included infrared remote control.

2. Hook up the Fire TV Cube to your living room TV with an HDMI cable.

3. Plug the power adapter into the power outlet, then plug the other end of the power cord into the Fire TV Cube.

4. Ensure that a battery is not missing from your Amazon Fire TV remote if you haven’t done so already.

5. Select the HDMI input on your TV to turn the show on.

6. If your Roku far-left Remote remote control does not work, press and hold the Home button when prompted until a connection is made, then allow the device to automatically disconnect. You may need to press and hold the Home button for 10 or more seconds.

It is impossible to complete this step without being able to connect a physical Fire TV remote to your phone. You do, however, need to be successfully connected to the app on your phone in order to successfully arrive at this step.

7. Choose the language you wish to use.

8. I already have an Amazon account.

If you updated the Fire TV Cube to simple Wi-Fi setup, your Fire TV Cube’s info will be on the device and you won’t have to do this step.

9. Enter theAmazon.comaccount ID you use, then select Next.

10. Enter your password, then select SIGN IN.

11. Suppose that your Amazon account requires it, you will see the proper verification code notice. Click Next to proceed.

12. Access the verification code, then select SIGN IN.

13. An Continue option will appear on this page.

14. Click Enable Parental Controls or No Parental Controls to proceed.

If you choose parental controls, you’ll need to set a PIN.

15. If you want assistance choosing the best Netflix streaming applications, choose the Getting Started option, or select No Thanks if you’d like to download them on your own later.

16. Select this option to complete this task later.

If you want to set up device control right now, choose the Continue option instead, and click the on-screen prompts.

17. Click on Continue.

18. Your Fire TV Cube is ready to begin.


Setting up your fire TV cube can be really easy. All you need is an HDMI cable and a TV. Plus, you’ll need to supply your own Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and an input for your TV. So don’t hesitate and get started!

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