How To Use Alexa As A Speaker For TV

Amazon Alexa is a versatile smart speaker that you can use in your smart home. In addition to using it to issue voice commands to control your TV, you can also use this speaker to play sound from your TV.

Therefore, you can deactivate your Tv speaker in exchange as you associate your smart Tv with an Alexa gadgets. However, make certain that your smart TV is compatible with the Amazon Echo speaker, which may be the device you’re searching for for the purpose of playing audio. Most smart TVs are compatible with Alexa devices. As such, getting your Tv to work together with an Alexa speaker will be easy.

Using AUX

You could use the first method by utilizing the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack located in the middle of the Echo Dot. Additionally, you need to check if your Echo Dot has an AUX Input feature. If it does have the option play sound from other devices by way of the 3.5-millimeter jack, you’ll want connect one end to the Echo Speaker and the other end to the TV set’s 3.5-millimeter audio input jack.Once your TV detects that an external speaker is connected to it, the audio will be routed to the Amazon Alexa speaker. However, you should be aware of any command that you give the speaker will prevent any audio from the TV from being continued.

Using Bluetooth

You can use the second option for using the Amazon Alexa speaker as your TV speaker wirelessly via Bluetooth. First, any TV with built-in Bluetooth will work. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Using Bluetooth, ensure that TV and your Alexa speaker are in close proximity to each other.

2. Be sure your Alexa speaker is not connected via Bluetooth to any other device.

3. Begin the Settings menu on your TV and enable Bluetooth.

4. Ask for voice commands by saying, “Alexa connect.”

5. The speaker will now begin pairing.

6. Alexa will appear on your TV screen. Select the Alexa speaker to connect it to your TV.

7. After your devices have been paired and connected, the TV’s audio will be played through the Alexa speaker.


From your television’s Alexa speaker, you can sound media content. You can also link the Amazon Echo Dot speaker to your television via Bluetooth. However, this only works on televisions with Bluetooth enable characteristics.

So, check to see whether your TV has Bluetooth capability before you link it with Amazon Echo Dot via Bluetooth.

Alternatively, you can also use Fire Tv Stick to connect your Amazon Alexa speaker to your smart TV. Therefore, you have two connectivity options if you are wishing to manually stream music to your smart speaker, thereby relieving the tv speaker of its duties.

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