Best JURA coffee machine 2022: Reviews, comparisons & buying tips

JURA coffee machine it is a common truth that café bring particular health advantages. To other individuals, the café becomes a small boost of energy every morning. However, it is hard to wait for the café shop each time you need to take a cup of café. Therefore, getting a leading café machine for home usage can deal with your issue. But when it arrives in buying, you can be confused about which is the ideal choice. This detailed review of Jura’s top five Jura coffee machines Reviews can assist you in being a lot confident with your decision.

JURA coffee machine review buying tips

As every café machine is various from every other in terms of specs and attributes, before moving into the detailed reviews around the ideal Jura coffee machines, you initially need to care about the essential elements which might affect your decision. And, to seek the ideal one which meets your demands, take into consideration those following essential points.


The Jura café machines are derived from plastic or alloy steel. Particularly, they are colored with chrome. The plastic shell is to cut down the processing fee. However, as it is improved from the steel, rest assured which there is no compromising of quality whatsoever.

Based on every version’s specs, the product will come with single or double height-customizable spouts to take you with a lot of beverage specialties. And since they are compact enough, they might meet the kitchen counter without you wanting to arrange again anything to make room.

Drink settings

Almost all Jura coffee machines are integrated into one of those control panels such as a smart rotary, and a state-of-the-art touch screen. It might be best if you cared which you are familiar with to select from.

The beverage settings for every version change, ranging between 2 and up to 12 café styles. As every product will support a specific demand, to select the correct Jura café machine, you better understand what kind of beverages you love and calculate how many individuals that café machine will serve frequently.


Programmable timer, and the pulse extraction process or a lot of outstanding attributes into a small yet strong Jura café maker. However, individuals do not particularly purchase what they do not want when it arrives with buying.

If you need the café machine to make more than café, you might select the version with perfect attributes such as milk frother for latte or pulse extraction process that standardize the extraction time for outstanding café flavor and aroma. Or, if you need a better café cup in the morning, we will highly suggest choosing the one which concentrates on making café.

JURA coffee machine reviews

1. Jura 15097 E8 Espresso Coffee Machine

Referring to the Jura E8, what we are confident to be the ideal Jura has to provide at this time. Customers of this perfect café machine might get all their demands fulfilled with the better program which supports many options for beverages and various choices for the intensity level.

For people who enjoy milk-based beverages, this Jura version focuses on your demands and pampers your flavor buds with its great foam frother tech for cappuccinos, and lattes. The foam structure might be like nothing you have used before.

Do you fancy an item with intense flavor that offers you a better burst of energy? In this circumstance, this model arrives with six levels of Aroma G3 grinder that ground the beans to ideal fineness while retaining the better taste and the aroma-rich oil. Thanks for it, even leading beverages like espresso are needed. Prepare for the rich tastes which all café fanatics want to give a thumb up.

To take you to a better experience, this café unit even comes along with the ultimate integrated tech that is the pre-brew aroma system and the Pulse extraction process attribute. The tradition serves the target of improving the taste of your beverage, making it many times richer, whereas the latter offers it a better boost of aroma. Those double combined might make a cup of Joe which gets you moving: “This is a great café”.

However, the ultimate quality and low cost do not move together. So, like various high-end espresso makers, you might be available to take a particular amount of bucks to purchase this version.


  • It offers easy controls.
  • The grinder with more levels is productive.
  • It brings a huge host of café specialties.
  • The integrated techs are outstanding.


  • It is quite expensive.

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2. Jura 15145 Automatic Coffee Machine WE8, Chrome

If you are on a duty to seek the fabulous automatic café maker for your home, then this version will be a leading option. Firstly, when it comes to the one-touch brewing, if you are a big fan of the café, you will enjoy how simple it is to select from a sum of 12 specialties and whip them up at the button’s touch. Between the latte and cappuccinos, even inexperienced café machines might love their drink of option in an entirely new way.

As for optimized extractions, the team at Jura has optimized the brewing process, permitting the WE8 to make café of the leading standards every single time. Thanks to a 15 bar pump and Jura’s Pulse extraction procedure for standardizing the extraction times the WE8 does not fail to make a great ristretto’s cup. Besides, thanks to leading Jura WE8 your café beans are ground moments before the extraction so that you will take a scrumptious brew even while you are in rust. It is among the easy rules in making a leading Joe’s cup. A leading grind moves beyond freshness. Rest assured knowing that the beans are ground rapidly and accurately with the integrated Aroma G3 conical burr grinder. With the availability of grinding six levels, the beans are particularly made to a better fineness optimal level, making sure some of the valuable aromas are preserved for you to love.

As if it were not simple enough to take out of the box, the Jura WE8 arrives with the capability to edit settings accurately to the particular demands. You might tweak the rates of café grounds or water used in the brew to accommodate the better-serving styles and cups. Moreover, it can exclude unused drinks from the management to make finding the beverage of option even simple.

Finally, the Jura 15145 WE8 takes entire café beans to make the café grinds. This shows that the flavor is particularly compostable, unlike what you will seek with the capsule systems which have become particularly common in some years. Do the better thing for the external world. As an extra bonus, your café will straightforwardly taste good.


  • It is simple to select 12 specialty café drinks.
  • This machine can guarantee the café flavor as fresh as possible.
  • It can suit in beautifully alongside the rest of the kitchen appliances.
  • The ability to transform the programs permits you to tweak café power.


  • The cleaning issue can feel lengthy
  • It is quite pricey.

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3. Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Machine

If you are searching for an espresso machine that freshly brews or grinds your café with the button’s touch yet at an affordable cost, you can be in the better spot. ENA 1 brought a better design with basic dimensions which are fabulous for the kitchen countertop. And there is no need to be concerned about not getting sufficient caffeine to stir up the day. The coffee maker could not be all huge and mighty, but its texture even brings room for a removable 37 oz water tank that is sufficient for 5 cups before you want to refill it.

In truth, it is far more than what you need to seek in a low-expense café machine. The next fabulous item about the Jura ENA 1 is the customizability level: This version is supported by a customizable café dispensing spout that accommodates various cup sizes from double up to around six inches. Whether you are snapping your own awake with a fast dose of caffeine or taking a huge mug to savor each mouthful, that coffee maker might make it better.

The Jura ENA 1 system brewing is even a fancy attribute. Although its cost is the lowest than others, it is even assisted with various conical grinders with four various grind-size settings. It shows you could face both finer and coarser grind sizes. That grinder is quieter than other versions so that you even get an ideal cup of café without getting up the whole family in every morning.

In spite of being a budget choice, this version even serves you with barista-quality beverages at the convenience of your home. You could offer the flavor buds a better experience with whatever savory café-involved cappuccino, or latte cappuccino topped with better milk foam for some seconds from the ultimate integrated tech. It is particularly fabulous news for café fanatics.


  • The design is tiny and compact.
  • It is simple to work for beginners.
  • It provides a lot of cafés.
  • The quality of the drinks is outstanding.


  • The maintenance is high.

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4. Jura A1 Automatic Coffee Machine Piano White

So as to raise external awareness and keep the earth a better place to reside, Jura has matched this A1 version with the patented zero-energy switch that permits the café maker to particularly disconnect from the power supply when it moves the standby mode. In brief, the Jura A1 will not make energy when not in use, assisting you in saving up the energy costs, and decreasing the influence on the environment in the switch.

Jura A1 is a close buddy to eco-conscious clients, but it is even an ideal friend to espresso keeners. The machine is, in truth, a leading espresso machine. Assisted with the Aroma G3 grinder which represents the refined burr set with cutting angles, it may convey quick and accurate grinds, switching the entire bean to the better fineness. And we all understand that nothing makes an ideal shot of espresso-like ground café beans.

Next, similar to the initial Jura version, we have shown you earlier, this attribute can not take away the café maker’s ability to accommodate a leading amount of water. Thanks to the 37-ounce capacity that is ten times as much as the espresso cup (about three ounces at best), it makes sure to make you up and running for the whole day.

However, that café maker is not precisely the picture of perfection, as it might be the trusty caffeine source for as many as double years or so before dropping dead. Not each client tends to get that matter, but a big number has claimed it.


  • It is straightforward to operate.
  • The design is compact.
  • It supports the energy-saving mode.
  • The performance of making espresso is great.


  • The lifespan is not longer.

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5. Jura Z8 Aluminum Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino Machine

The flavor and aroma are among Jura’s specialties. Those are brought from the brand’s signature techs. Like the predecessors, the Jura Z8 shows Pulse extraction process tech. This cutting-edge tech is what permits the Z8 to add additional saturation to the café.

Besides, it is built with longevity or capacity in mind. This version represents a water reservoir that might hold up to 81 water’s fluid ounces. While you compare with various espresso makers, it arrives with a leading capacity. Because of it, the Z8 is ideal for usage in commercial zones. It will not request standard refills, and the full tank might make you a day.

When it comes to functionality, this Jura Z8 could not hold back. It is a particularly complex and modern maker which provides six settings via the digital display. You might take it to brew up the cappuccino, and Ristretto. You could even brew latte macchiato.

No matter the materials, Z8 makes the most of ideal materials. Its brew unit is derived from plastic that either traps heat inside or corrosion-resistant. The bean hopper is even produced from similar plastic. The key housing, but can use a mixture of aluminum and ABS thermoplastic.


  • The tank capacity is huge.
  • It is compatible with apps including JOE.
  • The cleaning process is automatic.
  • It is ideal for commercial usage.
  • The aluminum build is long-lasting.


  • It requests a separate milk frother.
  • It can take up a lot of counter space.

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JURA coffee machine comparisons

Coffee machinesFeatures
Jura 15097 E8– Easy controls– Grinder with six levels is great.– A host of café specialties.– Integrated techs are outstanding.
Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1– Tiny and compact design– Simple to work, especially for beginners.– Provide a lot of café.– Make drinks with outstanding quality.
Jura A1– Compact design– Simple to operate.– Supply energy-saving mode.– The ability to make outstanding espresso.
Jura Z8– Big tank capacity.– Compatible with more apps– Automatic cleaning issue– The construction is durable.
Jura 15145 WE8– Offer 12 specialty coffee drinks.– Ensure the fresh taste– Provide programs which tweak coffee strength.

Final thoughts

As you realized, there is a particular distinction from the five Jura coffee machines in terms of cost, capacity, and tech. However, they are all born with a single target only: to take you to the Joe cup with the leading quality possible.

Last but not least, we hope that you can return your feedback if possible. Thank you so much!

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