Difference between keurig k50 vs k55: comparison & review

The Keurig K50 vs K55 is well-known as the K-traditional café maker. It’s the update of the double versions and it brings a cost tag to combine, but is it deserved the cost distinction? Get Keurig duplicated the K50 (that specifically had no great title), or are its “better” attributes genuinely distinctive? In general, the difference between Keurig K50 vs K55 we have examined, reviewed and commented on all Keurig coffee machines. It can quail us not only to take the delicious cups of café but also to make a comparison with those double versions and release this tip. Offering you the opportunity to simply compare the Olsen twins of the café machine globe.

Keurig K50 vs K55: Comparison & Review

Keurig K50 Check on Amazon

Keurig K50 Check on Amazon


The initial thing we might show is that the brew speed for the café cup in the morning. From that point, you might switch to a coffee cup. Your next cup once either machine has warmed up can take you close to under one minute mark.

The K55 was a bit right on one minute, whereas the K50 was about 1.5 minutes – not a big distinction.

All versions are built to be fast, straightforward, and effective. There is no LCD screen or the buttons on both, and your whole process for making a café cup is similar. The brew temperature for K55 and K50 is approximately 89 degrees.

As for filters, we begin seeing a distinction. The traditional K50 brings easy mesh reusable filters – those are not better quality and you will want to substitute them sooner than later.

Next, K55 has enabled the charcoal filter that makes a supreme and better café. Whether those charcoal filters are deserved the more dollars you pay, that’s based on you.

All machines will turn off automatically and lack the type of timer.


This was a challenging one. In the end, we had to do blind testing. The outcomes were not better. Both tasted nearly identical perhaps since all machines are K-cup compatible and so the taste was similar.

You might use the K-cups and affordable non-official K-cups for all machines, but neither might use K-carafe or K-cups 2.0

The taste is not bad with such a host of pods from Keurig, you will seek something you love. From our perspectives, K55 brewed a mildly stronger café, but we can not conceive a distinction.

Cleaning issue

The official Keurig client instruction for the K55 is named the K-Classic Client Guide, and it’s for all versions that could not assist in clarifying the distinctions. On the other hand, the maintenance of both machines is quite identical. Take out the drip tray and reservoir frequently to clean them, and run through the descaling program (fundamentally, implement some chemicals via it many times and run via the water till sparkly clean). The K55 supports automatic descaling, whereas the K50 can’t. It is no big deal if you get the K50, it’s precisely the same process when brewing a café but with a descaling alternative instead.

There is even instruction for the client instruction for cleaning the pod holder, exit needle, and funnel. Next, cleaning is a super easy process, and as those café machines are around all identical if you want to substitute a piece into the machine, realizing that component is not tough. The K50 is prone to breaking down than the K55 if you visit some client reviews.


It’s at the comparison list’s bottom, but it is even crucial. The K50 is quite heavy, but their sizes are a bit identical. They can be medium-sized brewers and will fit particularly on the worktop and they are specifically made from plastic. They are not bulky as well – if we might assess their appearances in a single word, it might be “standard”.

All of the versions come in black or red. The red just seems cheap – the matte black is quite gourmet, but on a closer check, it’s a bit apparent which it is not derived from leading quality materials.

The buttons on them are pretty – rather than using the cheap LCD screen, they can ditch the screen together. The buttons can light up so that they are simple to press in the shadow if you have snuck downstairs for a fast café and they might not seem cheap to press.

As for flavor and efficiency, the distinction is nearly impossible to identify. In truth, we made a blind test, and particularly a few might choose which was great. The real distinction from those machines is the aesthetics.

The K55 seems good and even durable as well. It feels like Keurig has got a leaf from Apple’s book. Their updated version is nearly precisely the same with a cost increase which is tough to justify during your approach to glance at the real distinctions.

Wrapping It Up difference between Keurig K50 vs K55

When the double versions are undeniably super similar, we evaluate that the K55 is a leading option since it’s quicker, or brings a convenient cleaning reminder, a good water filter, and a better design. The only real benefit that the K50 might boast through the new version is the strong brew alternative. Keurig is even known for altering and discontinuing versions very regularly but offered its popularity, it can not seem like the K55 is going anytime.

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